Athens is in the midst of a brutal economic and refugee crisis. Greece’s €323-billion debt has resulted in increasingly harsh austerity deals with the European Central Bank and the IMF. The effects are particularly evident in the capital, where over 15,000 refugees inhabit the city for the foreseeable future. This stagnant economy is not equipped to sustain these people, the poverty is palpable and the resistance is more so. Youth unemployment is close to 50%, therefore a strong part of our ethos includes keeping our team local and creating jobs for Greek people as the project grows and expands.

First Response

The city is a first port-of-call for many refugees who have made it to mainland Europe, but often does not provide the security these people deserve. For Athenians, the face of their city has changed drastically in a very short time. This situation does not bring hopelessness to all though. Through solidarity networks, which operate outside of the limited state provisioning, many inspirational projects have emerged that bring hope to refugees and Greeks alike. We play a small part in this; bringing dignity and well-being to some of the most deserving people in Europe.