Skateboarding is for everyone. We encourage female participation in our sessions by promoting skateboarding as a mixed activity, using female instructors and offering all women sessions. Western skateboarding is often a male-dominated activity, but we hope to address this imbalance in the refugee community, where these gendered pre-conceptions are not so strong. Whereas the gender gap is greater in this community for many activities, we hope presenting skateboarding as an activity for all will empower girls and women beyond our sessions.

The majority of the refugees in Athens are awaiting asylum here or further afield, and this wait can take years. During this time, people need a sense of community beyond the camps and squats they stay in. The skateboarding community always welcomes new faces, something each of our founders have experienced first-hand, not least in Athens. By employing local skateboarders and including Greek young people in our sessions, we are creating a new diverse generation of Athenian skateboarders. Everyone slams when skateboarding. Everyone can help up a friend. Everyone likes to land new tricks. Everyone likes to see friends do the same.

Undeniably, refugees have suffered trauma and loss, dramatically effecting physical and mental wellbeing. This is especially apparent in the behaviour of some of our young skateboarders. Without a mindful focus, you will never learn a new skateboard trick. Our sessions promote physical and mental health using a short ‘skate yoga’ warm up, encouraging focus and discussing further issues when appropriate.

The Mobile Skatepark For Refugees

Two months, countless nails and many sore fingers later, and our mobile skatepark is complete. Check out how it happened in the video below.

Our Team

We've spent years feeling disillusioned with the state of the world, trying to figure out how to use our skills and passions for the better. Now finally we are able to come together to make a real difference; to put all our energies into something we truly believe in.